Requirements and compatibility details for using the Bearer Agent in your Node.js applications.

Our agent is designed to work with most use-cases. Below you will find details on versioning, application stacks, and known incompatibility issues.

Version Support

The Bearer Agent supports Node v8.0 or higher.

Library Support

Due to the nature of how the agent hooks into the underlying HTTP calls in an application, we currently support all Node.js HTTP packages that use Node's core http module as their networking layer.

If your application is using a package or library that doesn't appear to be working, let us know!

Application Stacks

The agent supports most Node.js environments, including full-fledged Express servers and on-demand scripts. The agent does not support client-side javascript applications that run only in the browser.

Known limitations

Serverless functions-as-a-service

While the agent will work in many function-as-a-service scenarios, such as in AWS lambda functions or Google Cloud functions, some remediations types (like retrying failed requests) may not work as expected if the lifespan of the function is too short.

Receiving Support

If you experience an issue installing or using the agent, let us know! You can contact us directly, chat with a member of the team using the Intercom icon in the lower right corner of this page, or check out our Help Center.