2020/05/18 - 3.1.1

Minor fixes to better handle response streams.

2020/04/27 - 3.1

New feature: Adds support for reporting agent’s hostname to Bearer for Fleet Control. Fleet control can be access from the Settings tab in the dashboard.

2020/04/10 - 3.0

  • Agent 3.0 released. New features include:

    • New API discovery flow.

    • API logging now configured remotely in the Dashboard.

    • Updated sensitive data stripping configuration.

    • Environments are now automatically detected for each application based on the environment name set byNODE_ENV.

  • Application Specific Keys: Each application you set up in the Bearer Dashboard now has its own secret key. For more details on how to use the application switcher, read more.

  • Automatic Environment detection: Environments now pull their names from your application's configuration. See our the new configuration settings for details.

See our migration guide for more details on upgrading to 3.X.